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Vulcanization of expansion joints for the roof

Manufacturer of German top quality

ISO 9001-2015

Expansion joint tape in the roof area

Different designs, vulcanization, material, sizes.

Gutter Expansions

Different versions (DIN standard), vulcanization, material and sizes.

Head dilatations in the flat roof area, Building grading, wall-mounted attic cladding, skylights, integrated gutters, etc.

Different designs, vulcanization, material and sizes.

We vulcanize expansion joints to catch temperature-related linear expansion.

DILA-TECH supplies finished products through the vulcanization of polymer rubber in combination with metal strips of any kind: e.g. galvanised, copper, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

We offer standard lengths of 3 m u. 6 m, different widths, special length and customer requirements.

We also have a high vulcanization capacity to realize urgent delivery dates.

Specializing in the vulcanization of expansion joints in the roof area

Individual solutions for customer wishes

Quick offers and realization of vulcanization

Expansion joint tape endless (6 m +)

  • highest quality of our vulcanization by bilateral rubber-metal connection (see cross section)
  • to catch applying temperature-induced metal tensions e.g. temp. differences at 100° C of 3 m

Concrete = 3,6 mm
Steel = 3,6 mm

Aluminium = 7,2 mm
Copper = 5,1 mm

Zinc = 7,0 mm
Bitumen = 3,6 mm

Gutter expansions

  • highest quality of our vulcanization through one-sided and double-sided rubber-metal-connection
  • to compensate for temperature-induced metal tensions in the area of suspended gutters
  • trough dilatations are made of an expansion joint tape and with a cover plate and bead according to DIN 18461

Head dilatations

  • highest quality of our vulcanization through one-sided and double-sided rubber-metal-connection
  • for collecting temperature-induced metal stresses in the flat roof area, in roof-edge-borders, wall connections, deep channels, building gradations, etc.


Quality tension test

Our products have the highest quality standards and a high tensile strength. Our graphic shows an expansion joint (Aluminium 1,2 mm, 39 cm two sides vulcanised).

We passed the ISO certificate first in November 2000.

For you to notice:

We vulcanize refined polymer rubber, black, with high resistance to DIN against UV and ozone radiation and other environmental stresses for plumbers, roofers and metal workers on the roof, which solve problems with expansion joints on gutters and roof drainage systems . The temperature rating of +100° C to –40° C is no problem.

The manufacturer’s installation instructions must be adhered to:

Installation distances:

  • for free-hanging channels: 10 m
  • integrated gutters: 6 m
  • roof edge, wall finish, flat roof: 6 m
  • for fixed points and corners: 6 m

Processing by trimming:

  • the bending radius must be > 3 mm
  • the rubber must not be injured

Installation soldering, welding:

  • rubber and sheets must be cooled (wet cloths, cold spray)
  • open flame and high temperatures overheat the rubber metal compound and damage the rubber (no warranty)
  • removing soldering water residue


after professional installation according to BGB:
No liability in case of brazing, as well as objects and persons, for destruction or improper function by wrong or improper use, mounting or storage, change, storms, lightning, hail, external snow load, flood or fire.

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